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The Power of Music - Professor Susan Hallam

This study, published in 2016 examines the elements which make up a holistic and high quality music education for Children and Young People. It echos the very bedrock of Cymaz Music, which is around young people at the centre and the belief that music has wide and far reaching benefits. For a music education which matters, we believe that the personal and social elements are vital.

Professor Susan Hallam, MBE said: "The research shows there is compelling evidence for the benefits of music education on wide range of skills including: listening skills which support the development of language skills, awareness of phonics and enhanced literacy; spatial reasoning which supports the development of some mathematical skills; and where musical activities involve working in groups a wide range of personal and social skills which also serve to enhance overall academic attainment even when measures of intelligence are taken into account.

"The benefits are greatest when musical activities start early and continue over a long period of time. The teaching of music must also be of high quality for the benefits to emerge. If the quality is poor then the benefits will not be evident."

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Inclusion & Social Cohesion
Education & Learning
Health & Wellbeing