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Connecting Communities Through Music

Connecting Communities through Music (CCtM) is...

CCtM is a community led partnership initiative working with five Cornish communities where levels of deprivation are high. CCtM aspires to demonstrate how music can contribute to social, educational, health and wellbeing outcomes that support and contribute towards educational attainment, community resilience, community cohesion and economic growth.

CCtM is informed and inspired by national research, local government targets and organisations and individuals from the five target communities.

Phase One - Children and Young People

There is a growing body of evidence that shows us that children and young people living in challenging circumstances are less likely to engage and progress with regular music making. If there are barriers such as cost, poverty, chaotic family lives, or effects of trauma or abuse, it is proven that outcomes will be poorer; in terms of health education and overall life chances. We want to ensure that children and young people have equal chances of accessing high  quality inclusive musical opportunities within their communities regardless of their circumstances or barriers.

In short, CCtM is about connecting people and making the most of resources with a view to maximize music making opportunities.

CCtM is about Involving, Understanding and Connecting Communities (CCtM) using the power of music.


Where is it?

    Who is it for?

    CCtM is for anyone working in music or with children and young people, especially those who may experience challenges or barriers in their lives.

    What do we want to support?

    • Young people to be involved in shaping, co-producing and evaluating music education in their area
    • Progression routes to music for children and young people living in challenging circumstances with support from their own communities
    • More children and young people taking part in high quality and diverse music education, including ensembles, regardless of their circumstances or backgrounds
    • More joined up working and sharing of skills and knowledge between local stakeholders/partners
    • Increased cross partnership working towards a consistent inclusive high quality music education across formal and non- formal settings
    • Resilience in communities through improved connections and working together
    • Programmes of Music Mentoring
    • Training that aims to develop the skills of those delivering music activities and those who would like to
    • Better and more efficient usage of local resources including venues and equipment


    How can I get involved?

    • Would you like to be able to offer music to children and young people as part of your service but don’t know how?
    • Can you offer training, support, advice, a venue or equipment to support music making in your community?
    • Can you attend stakeholder meetings to help put together an Area Music Plan for your area?
    • Do you have experiences of partnership working or excellent music provision that you can share?
    • Can you help with fundraising?
    • Do you engage or work with organisations who work with children and young people who may be disadvantaged or living in challenging circumstances?


    Funding and the future

    CCtM is partly funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music, Cymaz Music and Cornwall Music Education Hub (as part of their musical inclusion programmes and strategies) and as such the focus will be upon those working with children and young people.

    Cymaz Music is seeking to develop this as a programme of work and is looking to develop alternative income strategies with other stakeholders.


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