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The Camborne / Pool / Redruth (CPR) area has been identified as a major regeneration challenge. It demonstrates a difficult combination of adverse economic circumstances, environmental damage and social problems.  It has a weak local economy caused by generations of industrial decline and lack of investment, which has resulted in high unemployment and persistent concentrations of worklessness, low incomes and social exclusion for many people in their local communities. The challenging economic climate and impacts of welfare reform will place additional pressure on vulnerable communities. This has lead to increases in crime, drug and alcohol problems, domestic abuse and family breakdown.


The Children’s Trust has identified the following top five priority issues (in priority order), for children and young people in CPR as:


1.     Mental health disorders

2.     Teenage pregnancy

3.     Healthy weight

4.     Poverty

5.     Domestic Abuse

The most universal music-making offer for children and young people is via their formal education. This research has however identified that this is a far from inclusive and universal offer. The offer is actually a ‘postcode lottery’ which can vary from; 1) free, regular, music-making opportunities for all pupils which are delivered by a suitably qualified music teacher; to 2) some schools where there is no music being taught by class teachers on a regular basis, with the only music-making opportunity that is available to pupils, is delivered by peripatetic teachers, to a small % of the school, who pay for this opportunity.

This research has further identified that most primary teachers have limited music skills, knowledge and experience. Almost half of schools in CPR don’t offer any after-school / extra curricular music making activity, and in most cases this is once again, delivered by peripatetic teachers, to a small % of the school, who pay for this opportunity. None of the schools in CPR are Arts Mark schools (an accreditation that acknowledges schools that are committed to delivering a creatively enriched curriculum).

There are a couple of progressive music-making opportunities being run out of DBS, including the School of Rock. These both take place in the heart of CPR but don’t necessarily target CYP in area, and whilst there is no question that these are great opportunities, they only reach a small percentage of the CYP in CPR.

There are other organisations delivering long-term targeted and specialist music making including WILD, Clear and Apex, but out-of-school there is no longer any open access youth provision, let alone any open access music-making provision for children and young people in CPR. Furthermore most other organisations that develop and deliver projects, which include music making for children and young people in CPR, leave little in the way of a meaningful legacy.

Camborne, Pool and Redruth are often although referred to as one area; they are however distinct communities, which are actually unconnected, except for the main road, which physically links them.  Both Redruth and Camborne have town centres, however Pool doesn’t really having a ‘centre’ as such, resulting in a disparate and unconnected community in the heart of CPR.

However the scene in CPR is not completely bleak, there are outstanding music-making facilities at DBS in the heart of CPR, which deliver FE and HE music courses and the extra-curricular opportunities mentioned above. There is also a clear appetite for a number of organisations consulted as part of this research, to be play a central role in the development, delivery and evaluation of Connecting Communities Through Music, which is positive.

CCtM Priorities

Based on consultation, research and mapping the following are identified as priorities for Camborne:

  • Find ways to gain support for out of school provision in one of the most deprived estates in Camborne - Pengegon
  • Help develop connections between people working in the area and provide CPD for teachers
  • Shine a light on good news stories to raise aspirations and celebrate