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Number of children living in area

Estimated 5680 (OSCI Local Insight – April 2016)

Key issues for the area

Being the furthest west main town in Cornwall

24.6% of people in the West Penwith Community Network live in a deprived area, compared with an average of 9.8% across Cornwall. 24.0% of children aged under 16 in West Penwith CNA are living in poverty compared with 18.1% across Cornwall. - Statistics from Cornwall Children’s Trust

"Many of the children and  young people we work with here do not access services (other than school, if they attend) for a number of reasons manifested by poverty, low venture out beyond the estate, even into town, which is literally up the road..... Music has proven in the past to have powerful outcomes for young people at Trelya......  I met with the cultivator and we have explored potential ways in which music can delivered and co created on the estate with young people"
Sam Fitzpatrick Director Trelya

Schools in the area

There are two secondary schools and 10 primary schools in the Penzance area involved in CCtM.

Variety of music activity

Class and peripatetic teachers, as well as community projects like Monkey Music. Mountsbay Academy is a keen supported of community music and a key stakeholder in CCtM in Penzance. Cymaz Music has been working in Penwith AP Academy providing high quality music opportunities to students there. Cymaz Music also runs a wellbeing choir for staff of Cornwall Council and the NHS which rehearses at St John's Hall in Penzance. There are various ensembles for children and yong people including Penzance Youth Strings Orchestra. There are a number of festivals in the Penzance area which are well supported and provide opportunities for all members of the community to get involved through music and celebration.


CCtM Priorities

  • Continue to grow the community involvement in the festivals in the Penzance area
  • Support the development of music education in the Early Years
  • Support the development of leadership opportunities
  • Work towards increasing out of school music opportunities at Trelya

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  • Heamoor School
  • St Madderns School
  • Bolitho School
  • Alverton School
  • Trythall School
  • Pensans School
  • St Mary’s C of E School
  • Newlyn School
  • Gulval School
  • Humprey Davey School
  • Nancealvaerne School
  • Mounts Bay Academy
  • Cornwall Council
  • Young People Cornwall
  • Trelya
  • Golowan
  • Penwith Community Development Trust
  • Pop Up Penzance
  • Penzance Bid
  • The Acorn
  • WILD