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St Austell and the Clays


St Austell is one of the larger connobations in Cornwall. It is surrouned by a number of smaller villages, including St Dennis. St Stephens and Bugle. The villages were the centre of the once thriving clay mining industry. The industry is still in production today and still provides employment to those living in the Clays, although not to the extent it once did. Although on the egdes of a large town, isolation and lack of access are issues for those living in the Clays. St Austell is not an affluent town, although does have a growing cultural environment and is home to Cornwall College St Austell campus which houses the Keay Theatre.

Key issues for the area

Close to non-existent public transport for young people acting as a barrier.

Low amount of job vacancies.

Poverty. Limited opportunities and resources for children.

Schools in the area

There are four primary schools and one secondary school inside of the CCtM area we are targeting.

Variety of music activity

Class and peripatetic teachers, as well as extra-curricular music activity in some schools (Brannel). Cymaz Music has been working in the ARB at Brannel School and also providing Music Mentoring to some disadvantaged young people at the school. Cymaz Music's flagship programme YEP! (Youth Ensemble Project) is currently housed at the House Youth Centre in St Austell. Junior and Senior YEP! sessions run on Saturdays. Email for more information.  St Austell Chamber Orchestra for children and young people meets a Penrice Academy. Find out more on the Cornwall Music Education Hub website.

CCtM Priorities

Through consultation, reasearch and mapping the following priorities are have identified:

  • Support the provision of music activities outside of school such as Ensembles
  • Promote and support the ongoing development of community events and festivals which can showcase musical skills
  • Support and promote opportunities for schools and organisations in the Clays to be involved in music making opportunities and performances as well as CPD

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  • Brannel School Barry Hawken (Choir Lead for all schools listed)
  • St Dennis Primary School
  • Whitemoor School
  • Nanpean
  • St Stephen CP
  • Imerys Male voice choir
  • Cornwall County Boy’s Choir
  • St Austell Arts Theatre
  • St Austell Bay Radio