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Health & Wellbeing

Music and Singing have transformative powers; it can help us to feel calmer after a stressful day. It can brighten our mood and capture memories and emotions in an instant. There is nothing else that can do this in quite the same intensity. Music fires more of the brain than anything else!

Health & Wellbeing Impact

Children and young people from Cornwall Hospital Education Service have been given the opportunity...
Cymaz Music has been a core strategic and delivery partner for Cornwall Music Education Hub sinces...

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Making music is proven to be one of the most active and stimulating things that a person can do for their brain. Music is inside all of us, from before we are born. Our heart beat and breathing are examples of how the body has innate rhythm. When we sing or play music in a group, feelings of wellbeing are multiplied as we connect and share the experience with others. The relationship between the breath, body and voice is a powerful tool for physical and mental wellbeing. For example, it has been proven that people with lung conditions can successfully manage their symptoms through singing.

Specific priorities:

·         Music/Singing for general wellbeing and positive physical and mental health

·         Music/Singing for those with ill health