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Hub launches advocacy films

Cymaz Music has been a core strategic and delivery partner for Cornwall Music Education Hub sinces its inception in 2012. We have been proud to have been one of the first Hubs in the country to dedicate resources to inclusion and targetes music programmes. Cornwall Music Education Hub has been commended for this. Cymaz Music has delivered a range of delivery projects as well as contributed to the strategic development of the Hub, as part of the Strategic Advisory Board. Our work for the Hub has included provision in AP Academies (previously the Short Stay Schools), targeted and specialist provision for children and young people in Care, activities in Special Schools and ARB units and a Music Mentoring scheme providing support to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in Cornwall. We are commited to providing tailored and relevant progression opportunities and were delighted to lead on a pilot Young Leaders programme for the Hub in 2016-2017.

A handful of some of the Hub programmes have been captured in a series of advocacy films. Click here to see the films. Cymaz Music is featured in the Inclusion and Young Leadership films. This gives a snapshot and a flavour of some of our work.