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Inclusion & Social Cohesion

True Inclusion happens where there is a shared understanding and a commitment to address inequality for all ages.  Through this we can begin to put strategies in place to break down the barriers that some people may face.

Inclusion & Social Cohesion Impact

Children and young people from Cornwall Hospital Education Service have been given the opportunity...
Cymaz Music has been a core strategic and delivery partner for Cornwall Music Education Hub sinces...

Inclusion & Social Cohesion Articles

Cymaz Music views Inclusion and Social Cohesion as a collective responsibility. We can all aspire to be empowered to speak out, to take risks, share visions, break the mould to make a difference in order to improve our own and the lives of others. There is no one size fits all, we are all different. Personal and social needs can be both complex and simple, and yet, when we share the same goals, when we can agree to listen, or to share our knowledge and ways of working, there is hope we can begin to understand and value each other and the impact of that can be far reaching.

Specific priorities:

  • To provide information, advice, training and consultancy on inclusion and supporting progression in music provision
  • To contribute to the quality assurance of music education by being QA Observers for Cornwall Music Education Hub with a focus on inclusion
  • To support the development of a inclusive Young Leaders and Young Ambassador schemes