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Music Leaders

Giles Woolley

Advanced Music Leader

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I am a music producer, educator and performer. I run my own business under the name G Productions for all my work.

I perform in a variety of bands and acts. Musically my passion lies in funk, soul and reggae to name a few. I love using technology with music and enjoy music rooted in electronic production.

Recording music has always fascinated me. I know run a portable recording facility as part of my business.

I have worked with a range of young people from all backgrounds and in a variety of settings. I strongly believe in the power of music as a positive influence on a person’s life and witnessed these effects on numerous occasions. I have been involved with Cymaz Music for nearly 4 years as an active music leader travelling all round the county organizing and delivering workshops, recording sessions and performances.

My most recent project for Cymaz Music was YEP! (Youth Ensemble Project). We invited “intermediate” musicians between the ages of 15-18 to be guided through writing and performing original pieces of music as an ensemble. This resulted in a wonderful performance by YEP! at Trelissick Gardens.

Currently I am involved in YEP!, one on one music mentoring, Alternative Provision School Music Sessions and the Exchanging Notes programme.

Carina Miles

Music Leader

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I first started playing music at a youth centre when i was 13 years old and immediately got into a band playing the drums. After a short time i was playing gigs in venues around Cornwall and recorded an album. Ever since then i have enjoyed music and went onto learning the guitar, samba and had intensive singing lessons which progressed in me achieving an ALCM in musical theatre performance with London college of Music. Theatre has always been a passion of mine and i have performed at The Hall for Cornwall in many musicals including, Beauty and the beast and The Witches of Eastwick. In terms of passing my skills on i believe youth work to be the most effective tool in engaging young people and allowing them to achieve the best of their ability. 

Meg Chapman

Music Leader

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Meg manages to multi task several professional roles: She is a qualified Youth and Community  worker which came about as a result of following her passion teaching young people to rap as well as following her own performance career. 

Her energy and understanding of people drives her work and encourages her to meet young people with empathy and hope. Her teaching inspires and gives back to the next generation; this fuels both her writing and teaching. Meg degree title ‘Writing with Sound Practices’ perfectly sums up her career.

Meg is a unique styled wordsmith who performs across the genres of poetry, rap and spoken word and has recently self-published a collection of work.

Jamie Crowe

Music Leader

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I started learning guitar at the age of 10 doing grades 1&2 on Classical Guitar before going on to Plectrum Guitar. At age 13 I also started learning drums.

During school I played in the school band on guitar & drums and with my friends in jam sessions & rock bands.

At 16 I went to City of Leeds College of Music to do a foundation course in music. The course included guitar lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons, harmony, history of music, composition, arranging and music theory. There was an optional 3rd year in which I specialised in composition and harmony. I was a member of the college choral society and took part in performances of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony & Mendelsohn’s Elijah. There was also a great deal of extra curricular jamming and ensemble playing in styles such as funk, fusion, jazz and gypsy jazz.

After leaving College I returned to Cornwall and became involved in local acoustic jazz bands and funk / rock bands and worked with Kneehigh Theatre for their productions of Ting Tang Mine & The Young Man of Cury. I also became involved with Cornwall Youth Theatre and the RSC Antigones Project in which I acted & composed / performed the music.

During this time I did a Theatre studies A Level at St Austell V1th form and became involved in a more serious band called Rootjoose. Rootjoose formed in the New Year of 1993 and started gigging locally and writing our own music. Myself & another member did a business start up course and in 1994 we set the band up as a business with the help of a Business Start up grant and a Princes Youth Business Trust grant.

Between 1993 & 2000 we released 2 EPs & and 1 Album, (released through Avex Records) toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe and spent a great deal of time writing, rehearsing & recording.

In 2000 we felt it had run its course and 2 members left while myself and 2 other members formed the dance band Rairbirds.

Rairbirds has been largely studio based, writing and producing more beat based music. We have worked with Photek, Hybrid and Steve Osbourne and our records have been played by various DJs including Jo Whiley and Pete Tong. We are signed to One Little Indian Records who released our debut album in 2007. The music brings together traditional band instruments like guitars and brass with electronic beats and synthesisers.

There is a 40 piece string orchestra on it for which I did the arrangements and went to Bratislava to record.

As a session guitarist I have worked with artists including Hybrid, Caroline Lavelle & The King Size 5. I have also done solo work as an acoustic guitarist / singer and am currently working on a solo acoustic album.

Wendy Taylor

Music Leader

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I have been a professional singer for 16 years and worked with young people, families, community groups, schools and college students as a singer/performance facilitator during the same period of time.

I was taking my gcse's and looking for summer work for when I finished school and was offered a chance to audition for John Fowlers Holiday Park when I was 16 as my only vocal experience had been using my voice as my instrument in GCSE Music and singing in various school bands etc so I wrote to the Prince's Trust to ask for financial help with singing lessons. I was successful and was taught by the fantastic Paul Kingdon who later became my vocal coach for two years at the Hub Theatre School for performing Arts.

At 17 I spent my summer as a holiday park entertainer and my winter - spring touring Cornwall at weekends with my own vocal duo over the next 4 years.

At 19 I applied for a role as Performer at the Eden Project and was one of their 15 new members in over 200 applicants. I spent two years there singing group a cappella songs in the biomes, playing conga drums in the rainforest, playing the repinique and surdoos in our samba band and performing in ticketed evening shows. I was managed by Sue Hill of Kneehigh and Jack Morrison of The Globe, Kneehigh and FEAST and directed by Mike Shepard of Kneehigh and Dom Knutton amidst many other wonderful people and adventures there.

I left Eden after a successful audition to join a musical in Tenerife with TED UK where I lived and worked for a further two years making my way up to lead female vocalist in the island's number 1 show.

I came home to tour with Rogue Theatre as a singer, dancer, actor, technician and workshop facilitator. 

We toured the UK for 5 years performing various original shows directed and managed by Ollie Oakenshield and Angelina Boscarelli, assistant directed by Bec Appleby of Kneehigh and with writing from Anna-Marie Murphy. We also delivered performance based workshops for young people, community groups, schools and college students with my role being the vocal leader.

I returned to Eden for a further two years as a resident performer in a role that allowed me to project manage and deliver my own ideas. I sang a jazz set in the Mediterranean Biome daily, sang as part of my daily Storytelling and created an exciting project that saw me harnessed to the helium balloon and flown in the rainforest at night singing an original song I'd written and telling a story I'd created.

Even though I have done many short term contracts, I have been a self employed performer and performance facilitator for all of my disciplines for 16 years in and around them and have also produced a small festival for 6 consecutive years.

In between contracts I have my own solo vocal act singing at various hotels around Cornwall and TED UK have also flown me out to several countries over the last few years.

2 years ago I created and now manage my own small events and entertainment company, Starlight Adventures. During that time I have created 3 site specific outdoor events, delivered nearly 100 workshops and parties, employed nearly 30 local artists and performers and accommodated 20 odd performance students from St Austell and Plymouth to tick various boxes within their course requirements.

I started work with Cymaz Music in February 2014 and have currently worked on 3 projects with them as an Assistant Vocal Leader. After completing my Vocal Leader training I am happy to say I will be starting my next project with Cymaz Music as a Vocal Leader.

Joanna Ballard

Music Practitioner

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One of my early memories is of my dad singing lots of songs to me on the guitar. His love of playing music and being in bands was deeply inspiring and I learnt how to uplift, communicate and bring joy to children because of his influence. I sang with the Cornish choir Kescana for 12 years and as a community musician I really enjoy composing for choirs. I studied at Dartington College of Arts where I focused on the cello and multi media research and performance. My roots are in folk music and I am classically trained on the piano but of course love all genres.


I share a holistic music practice with children and young people through an online and interactive well being and music journal. I teach piano, voice, guitar, violin and cello.

I also teach composition and support children to compose for shows, project led podcasts and performances and also bring first access instrumental whole class teaching to schools.


I am an advocate for the healing power of music to bring comfort, connection and community. I believe many important life skills can be learnt through music making and it is a joy to see children gain in confidence and thrive as a result of the music sessions. It has been a privilege to be able to bring music and creativity to children through Cymaz and to be a part of keeping music and singing alive in schools.