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YEP! Youth Ensemble Project

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This pieice of music was created by a group of young people from across Cornwall as part of our YEP...

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Youth Ensemble Project (YEP!) is an exciting opportunity for a group of young musicians aged 13-18.

Young Musicians aged 13-18 years old at intermediate/Grade 2 level have the unique chance to create and compose their own music under the expert guidance and leadership of Giles Woolley.

Any instrument and genre is welcome as well as vocalists, rappers and beat boxers. Participants have the opportunity to co-create music in an informal and supportive environment. No experience of sight reading or performing as part of an ensemble is necessary. This programme is fully inclusive and complements existing music lessons. Cymaz Music will be seeking new members for YEP! in the Autumn.

Please read our article on the Youth Music Network about the development of YEP! and what makes it a successful model.

To hear some of the YEP! music and radio interviews click here. This project is funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music and supported by Cornwall Music Education Hub.